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The world and technology is constantly changing. Don’t get left behind! Update your skills now! Improve the quality of your skills and improve the quality of your life!

Program Outline

  • We tell you to post your resume on Career builder! Just kidding!…lol. Some schools will actually do this!
  • All students are automatically enrolled in the ‘JP Program’
  • Professional resume revision upon enrollment
  • Regular resume updates as you reach milestones
  • Customized job placement after you obtain your certification
  • Lifetime Alumni Job Placement! That’s right! Enroll in our program and we will assist you with job placement until you retire!

Reality Check

  • Why are you still unemployed?
  • Are your skills current & sharp?
  • What separates you from every other Joe Smo?
  • Employment is also about relations!
  • We have established relationships with employers!


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