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Global Industry Recognized Certifications

CTIC only teaches industry recognized programs. Every program in our repertoire leads to an industry recognized certification. Why is that important? It means, the training you receive at CTIC prepares you for certifications that are recognized across professional global industries. Enroll in our program and you can obtain credentials behind your name that separate you from the pack and lead to success! What are you waiting for? It’s simple!

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Live On-Line & Mi-Time Training

Live Instructors Online! Live audio Communicate Live with your classmates. See the instructor’s lectures & presentations. Share your desktop with the instructor when you have questions. All the benefits of classroom training in the comfort of your own home! What else do you want? We do not cook you dinner!

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Job Placement Program

The world and technology is constantly changing. Don’t get left behind! Update your skills now! Improve the quality of your skills and improve the quality of your life!

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Financial Assistance

  • Government Educational Grants
  • Get Your Government Funding NOW!
  • Money is the number one barrier to education!
  • Education is the key to a happier & healthier life

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