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Women in Tech 2020 (Monthly Series)

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Women In Tech 2020: Are You Future Proof?
How to ‘Future Proof’ your skills and resume
Featuring: LinkedIn & Tech Career Strategist

Join Us on May 28, 2020 for our Virtual Live Event.

Women In Tech 2020

RSVP: WIT2020.eventbrite.com

Join Us on August 20, 2020 as we celebrate the women who continue to lean-in and break down barriers for a new generation of leaders in the industry.

Join our panel group discussion as explore the future of Women in Tech.

– How will 5G IOT and IOE impact women in the tech industry?

– Discussion on Emerging Technologies with highest demand and income potential.

– What are the challenges Women in Tech face today and in the future?

The future is bright for women in tech: Don’t look back, FAST FORWARD to the Next Level!

Ticket sales will be donated to a female -focused nonprofit.

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#CTICWIT 2016:

Check out these highlights from 2016’s Women in Tech event.
This year we are doing it even bigger and better!

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