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Top 8 Python Tools For App Development

Python is one of the popular languages among data scientists and developers because of its availability of the number of libraries and tools. According to the TIOBE Programming Community index for July 2020, Python language is in the third position among the top 20 programming languages used by skilled engineers around the globe.

AMD’s 12-core Ryzen 3000XT claims a 47% performance boost over Intel’s best

Afterr announcing its new Ryzen 3000XT desktop processors, AMD has made some ambitious performance claims about its chips. Specifically, the company has shown how the 3000XT outperforms competing processors from Intel, including the top-of-the-line Core i9-9900K.

What the Shift to Virtual Learning Could Mean for the Future of Higher Ed

Tectonic shifts in society and business occur when unexpected events force widespread experimentation around a new idea. During World War II, for instance, when American men went off to war…

Business, education leaders unveil tech-talent initiative

What are some of the most prominent companies doing to address the lack of tech-talent?

Software development courses for students: Summer 2020

  Summer 2020 will be vastly different from any other in memory. While many states and businesses are in the process of reopening, it’s likely that students will be staying home more than in years past. Here are some great options for students to build valuable software development skills.

3D printing and cloud-based software helps it weather the COVID-19 storm

Relativity Space’s focus on 3D printing and cloud-based software helps it weather the COVID-19 storm “Just like in almost every other industry, there’s been a rash of layoffs among newer space startups and companies amid the novel coronavirus crisis. But Relativity Space has managed to avoid layoffs — and is even hiring, despite the global pandemic. Relativity...
Free software during COVID-19

Free software during COVID-19 – good spirit or clever business?

Free software during COVID-19 – good spirit or clever business “Businesses have been thrown into new ways of working – never before have entire industries together felt this kind of external disruption. There’s no denying that many many companies were blindsided by a sudden shift in operating modes but, overall, businesses have queen quick to...
Biggest Searches of Lockdown

The Biggest Searches of Lockdown so far

The biggest searches of lockdown so far “New data has revealed that some businesses are dealing with lockdown life better than others. Security firm Redscan has revealed a report detailing the top Google search trends since restrictions came into force several weeks ago, showing exactly what organizations are searching for online. Perhaps unsurprisingly, software and...
How COVID-19 will change Software Development

Software development after COVID-19

How COVID-19 will change Software Development? “Pandemics are not the “new normal” for the human race. As with practically every other type of disaster, we’ve survived them countless times in the past. But there’s no doubt we’re living and working through an emergency situation right now. As we try to avoid exposing ourselves to the...
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