Health & Information Technology

Health & Information Technology

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“The Impact Of Technology On Medical Billing And Coding”

“Up until the 1980s, medical coders were responsible for manually transcribing every piece of information pertaining to a patient’s visit into an electronic code that would be stored in the hospitals’ patient database for insurance claims and other purposes. The job of coders has evolved dramatically in the past couple of decades with the arrival...

Healthcare Application Development Are Trending

“In 2019, Healthcare Application Development is already boggling the mind because of their variety and options. Earlier these apps were seen as a platform enabling real-time counseling between the doctors and the patients from outlands or in the absence of hospitals.  But in 2017, incorporation of IoT and AI saw its expansion in the healthcare...

What does an IT Health Technician do?

Have you ever wonder what an IT Health Technician does? Watch the video below. Interested in become certified as an IT Health Technician? Start a conversation below. ...
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