Development Challenges Your Team Might Face While Creating a Dropbox like App

1. Building for Multiple Platforms

“One of the prominent challenges in developing an app like dropbox that developers deal with is building an application for multiple platforms. Now, while they would have an option to introduce the best cross platform development frameworks to their mobility solutions, but this might bring an effect on the quality. This is because every platform has their specific design and development guidelines.

At the same time, going with native approach will bring a rise in the mobile app development timeline and affect the uniform design across all the platforms.”

2. Introducing Machine Learning Mechanism

“In the case of Dropbox, the monitoring and alerting process performs around 200,000 queries across 1,000 machines with 1000x of speed which was possible earlier. This aids the team to gain insights about what the server is doing, what are the possible threats, and more. They employ this information to debug all the errors and deliver a secure yet efficient experience to the audience.

So, when developing such a Dropbox-clone application, your development team might find a challenge in building such an extensive and faster monitoring and alerting process to deliver a safer experience.

With this covered, let’s move to the core part of the article, i.e, determining dropbox-like app development cost.”

How Much Does it Cost to Build App like Dropbox?

“The cost to make a mobile app, as we have already shared in our mobile app development guide, is varied. It depends on multiple factors, such as no. of platforms, no. of app screens, app size, types of design elements, coding hours, location and size of hired mobile app development agency, the technologies and tools used, etc.

So, the only way to get an estimate of the Dropbox-like app development cost is to connect with top app experts and discuss your app idea.

Now while we’ve talked about the Dropbox clone app development cost that you need to invest in. Let’s extend this article to find out how to earn the money back with the app. Or simply say, look into the business and revenue model of Dropbox mobile app.” Read More

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