The number of women in the tech field is growing. With that growth, some people may question if there is still a need for women in tech events.

Of course, there is, and here are 5 reasons why.  

1. The battle’s far from over

“Firstly, while we’ve definitely moved the needle closer, we’re still a long, long, long way from true equality. Most big tech companies are still majority male, the pipeline is still leaky as hell, there is still major apathy in many companies around hiring, supporting and retaining women.”

2. We need to find each other

“Because of the reasons above, there are lots of women in tech whose professional networks mostly consist of men. Women in tech events allow us to meet each other and collaborate in ways we can’t in our majority-male workplaces, small startups, or geographically remote locations.”

3. We need visibility

“Having high-profile, successful women in tech events keeps the issue at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and proves to the industry that things will never be allowed to go back to the sexist ways of the past (And that perhaps they should stop asking.)”

4. They show what we can do

“For all the progress we’ve made, there are some people who secretly – or not so secretly – believe that women can’t actually do tech, and we’re all here just kinda faking it. Women in tech events prove that, actually, we’re not there just to be performative nerdy for men’s attention.”

5. Amazing things come out of them

“Women in tech events provide a petri dish for the incredible minds of our industry, and while the internet provides a useful proxy, there’s really no substitute for face-to-face encounters. Personally, I’ve had life-enhancing conversations backstage, in the lunch queue, whispered in the quiet area, even in the toilets at tech events.”

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