(Photo: courtesy Adobe)

 Graphic Designer are getting a new Adobe drawing tool, Adobe Fresco. 

Adobe is launching a new graphic design tool called Fresco. This tool is made to assist any artist’s expertise level. The new application is being rolled out on the iPad but is predicted to be an essential tool for Graphic Designers.

“Designed for the iPad, Fresco lets you draw, paint oils and watercolors, or create vector illustrations right on a touchscreen, with the assistance of line-smoothing AI. In other words, Fresco sounds like a visual art tool for artists who could use some training wheels.

But as an Adobe spokesperson tells us in a statement, Fresco marks a notable, ever-so-slight shift in strategy. ‘With the release of Adobe’s first wave of apps, we made mini versions of desktop apps, but the available hardware made it difficult to develop full versions of the apps for tablets,’ they say. ‘We also weren’t sure what the iPad was going to do and how it would fit in, but as hardware has advanced, we [knew it was] time for a new generation/approach to mobile apps.’

That new approach could include fresh mobile tools, like the website creator Adobe Comp and the UX prototyper Adobe XD. Like Comp and XD, Fresco seems to be a brand-new Adobe product that’s not simply a light version of what it already offers on desktop. But Fresco seems less formal than either Comp or XD. It’s not a tool honed simply for creative professionals to work from Starbucks without their laptop. It’s supposed to be a tool for more

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