Adobe News: Lightroom Improve Workflow on Mac

Adobe today has updated Lightroom for Mac, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom for iPhone and iPad with new features based on customer requests and feedback. The Lightroom team is also sharing a preview of what’s in store for customers across 2020.

On the Mac, you’ll find new export options for the DNG format. Previously, Mac users could choose between JPEG or TIFF exports. DNG support first came to Lightroom on iOS and Android. Shared albums can now include or omit metadata, and photos others have contributed can be exported. Photo Merge has been enhanced with a keyboard shortcut to bypass the settings dialog box. You can now import to a specific album via drag-and drop.

For the iPhone and iPad, Lightroom’s Learn and Discover sections have been redesigned with a new two column view. Interactive tutorials include before and after steps to evaluate the effectiveness of an edit. The most significant change for iPad owners is the addition of support for Split View multitasking in iPadOS.

Although increasingly superseded by the Creative Cloud version of Lightroom, Lightroom Classic on the Mac has received the most comprehensive update for February. Adobe told us last fall at MAX that Classic isn’t going away just yet, and today’s update reinforces that message.” Click Here

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    Adobe News: Lightroom improve workflow on Mac