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Career Services & Job Placement News

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Job Posting: Numerator – Analytics Engineer

“Numerator is looking for talented engineers to join our analytics team at Numerator. The analytics engineering team is responsible for interfacing with the product team and developing the sophisticated reports within our homegrown SaaS platform. They are responsible for solving how to balance complicated volumes of data into a simple set of visual interactions, flows...

Preparing For A Job Interview?

Here are a few great tips and tricks to help with your upcoming interviews.  1. Research the Company Before the Interview “Research the company prior to the interview. Hiring managers know that they’re dealing with someone who is serious about the position when the candidate has taken the time to research the company.” 2. Plan...

Interview Skills – MUST do before an interview!

  Interviewing is an important skill for landing a perfect job. Sometimes It can be hard, so here are some “need to know” before walking in the room. Check out the video below.  Need An Updated Resume? Chat With Us Below!...

Interview Skills – What Are your Strengths?
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