Here are a few great tips and tricks to help with your upcoming interviews. 

1. Research the Company Before the Interview

“Research the company prior to the interview. Hiring managers know that they’re dealing with someone who is serious about the position when the candidate has taken the time to research the company.”

2. Plan What You’re Going to Wear

“First impressions are the most important in job interviews. If you’re not sure what to wear, ask ahead of time about the workplace dress code. The safe bet is to dress professionally, paying attention to grooming, soothing colors, and tasteful accessories.”

3. Practice Interview Techniques and Responses

“Employers will try to challenge interviewees with tough questions to judge their compatibility and to see how they cope under pressure. Expect questions about work experiences, stressful moments, difficult decisions, and where you see yourself in several years.”

4. Prepare for Behavioral Interview Questions

“Employers use behavioral questions to dig into past achievements and to predict future performance. Behavioral questions are those that give the interviewer insight into your personality and emotional intelligence in the workplace…Focus on past achievements that highlight your abilities in leadershipteamworkproblem-solvingconflict resolution, and learning from failure.”

5. Make a Pit Stop

“If you’re stressed and there’s a rest room you can use before you go to the interview, stop in and take a few deep breaths to calm down. Wash and dry your hands to minimize sweaty palms.”

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