1. Perfection is the enemy of profit
“You can’t spend too much time fretting over the small details of launching your startup, because everything is going to constantly change. Don’t try to build everything at once up-front. ‘Perfection is the enemy of profit,’ she said. ‘The best way to innovate is to increase your speed of innovation.'”

2. It’s not necessarily all about the money, money, money
“The women wanted the perfect person to go into business with because they considered an investor another partner. And when they do decide to pursue funding—which they say will be soon—Muzel said they’re going to ‘be very clear about their vision.'”

3. Sometimes, you have to risk it all
“She emphasized that it’s important not to focus on what’s wrong. ‘The technology is never going to get there,’ she said. Instead, you have to figure out what works and what doesn’t, before wasting a ton of money on the small things.”

4. Don’t build an engine when you just need a skateboard
“She emphasized how important consumer research is, but warned not to spend too much time in research mode. She said a founder needs to learn with the product, and constantly reframe how he or she thinks about research.” Read More


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