Google Analytics is a great way to measure your website and its progression. Here are some tips to keep off your Google Analytics journey.

1. Never Lose Focus of What You Are Measuring and Why
“The most common mistake made with Google Analytics is getting excited about the reports that may be fun to review but are meaningless where it relates to your business. Everyone makes this mistake. In fact, most people only view ‘vanity metrics’social  that focus solely on the number of visits to their website.”

2. Measure Conversions with Goals
“To master Google Analytics, you need to define and set goals. Just as your website needs to have SMART business objectives, your Google Analytics account should be configured to measure conversions using goals. Conversions will confirm that you are on track to reach your business objectives. Your conversion rate is the most important KPI, regardless of the objective and the purpose of your website.”

3. Properly Configure Google Analytics
“After getting started with Google Analytics, you need to make sure that your account is set up to measure the most important aspects of your business. This is not only necessary to ensure the accuracy of your data, but also to access many additional instruments to better analyze your traffic.”

4. Create Custom Dashboards & Reports
“Google Analytics allows you to create custom dashboards so you can quickly access the most valuable data. You should spend time creating a dashboard or two that focus exclusively on the KPIs that are pertinent to your business goals. Even though you can create up to 20 dashboards, I would recommend strict focus on only what’s important—the 5-10 metrics you identified.”

5. Review Reports Regularly
“No matter how well you design your custom reports, they are useless if you don’t review them regularly. Review your main KPIs weekly and conduct a thorough review of your reports at least once a month. Also, review the performance of your website immediately following any major updates to check that the performance is not affected negatively or that it has been improved.” Read More

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