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LinkedIn For Graphic Designer is a great platform to connect with other creatives, employers and career influencers.

Creatives often forget or don’t uses the networking tools. Reasons for the lack may be less knowledge of how to leverage it to their advantage. At CTIChicago, we can help you learn all about graphic design and advance your resume and LinkedIn Profile.  

“Your headshot should be clear, making eye contact up close. It’s very important that people connect with you. Then the headline—to your question… While having it be your title might seem like the right thing to do, it’s not what’s going to get your readers excited to continue to learn and absorb the content that you have on your profile. So typically we like to say that the headline should have three elements:

who you help;
how you help them; and
why they should care.

So who is your target? By mentioning who your target audience is, like “I work with,” “I help”, “I guide”—in the creative world, “I style,” whatever that might look like. So the headline, if you are a graphic designer, should really resonate with your potential client. If your target market, let’s say, is WordPress developers, your headline might want to read, “I work closely with website designers and WordPress developers to provide the graphics that tell the story” the website is meant to tell, right? Something like that.

Who do we work with? “We work with website designers.” How do we do that? “We create the graphics.”

Why should they care? “Because it helps them to tell the story.” So that now becomes a much more powerful headline.

And by the way, it’s called a headline. It’s not called “your experience.” If you have just “graphic designer,” it’s not really talking to your audience and they don’t really know how or why they should buy from you. So that headline initially can make a huge impact on whether or not they want to continue reading your profile.” read more

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