Biggest Searches of Lockdown

The biggest searches of lockdown so far

New data has revealed that some businesses are dealing with lockdown life better than others.

Security firm Redscan has revealed a report detailing the top Google search trends since restrictions came into force several weeks ago, showing exactly what organizations are searching for online.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, software and remote working tools top the list, with queries around VPN software, antivirus and collaboration tools such as Zoom all ranking highly as companies aim to help their workers be productive out of the office.

However, Redscan also found that searches for “Business continuity plan” saw a huge spike between March 8 and March 21, far higher than any other time in Google’s history.

Search interest in “remote working”, “collaboration tools and “remote access” reached record highs in March, as did queries for “VPN” and “Antivirus”.

The report revealed that Zoom is currently the most searched online collaboration technology, ahead of Microsoft Teams, Slack and WebEx.

Despite a number of high-profile recent security and privacy issues, searches for all the top collaboration tools saw a significant spike in online search interest during the month.

“Google’s search data tells a clear story of businesses trying to adapt to remote working and related security and technology challenges of greatest concern,” said Redscan CTO Mark Nicholls.

“A spike in business continuity plan searches is hardly a surprise, but it is also troubling to think that so many are Googling the term now. It suggests that many businesses did not already have a continuity plan in place, and now is hardly an ideal time to implement one. But better late than never.

“Ensuring that employees have the tools in place to work from home has been a priority of IT teams but it’s important that organisations are vigilant about the increased security risks and put appropriate controls and processes in place to mitigate them – such as ensuring that cloud platforms are appropriately configured and monitored.” Read More

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    Source: techradar