How COVID-19 will change Software Development

How COVID-19 will change Software Development?

“Pandemics are not the “new normal” for the human race. As with practically every other type of disaster, we’ve survived them countless times in the past.

But there’s no doubt we’re living and working through an emergency situation right now. As we try to avoid exposing ourselves to the novel coronavirus, we must also prevent our working lives from stalling out completely. For most professionals, remote collaboration will be our primary fallback method until normality returns.

Tech marketing is in crisis

Working remotely can be awkward when your productivity depends on being able to share a physical space with others for at least a few hours per day or week. Tech marketers have been hit particularly hard because a large part of their annual cycles are aligned with conferences and other industry events, most of which have been canceled, postponed, or made entirely virtual.

Indeed, I’ve noticed far fewer tech product releases in the past few months than in a normal spring season. This goes against the pattern I’ve seen practically every year since I entered the IT field in the mid-1980s. Typically, a burst of launches grabs everyone’s attention from late February through early June, until an equal or larger batch of vendor announcements in the fall takes the spotlight.”

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