“Google Ads announced a coming change to ad delivery options that will start September 17. The accelerated delivery option will be removed and standard delivery will be the only option for Search and Shopping campaigns, as well as for campaigns with shared budgets.

Why the change? 
Advertisers typically opt for accelerated delivery when the goal is to drive as many conversions as possible within a target cost per conversion. This is particularly common for e-commerce advertisers that are willing to spend as much as possible as long as their margins make sense. They choose the accelerated delivery option and set their daily budgets high enough to ensure their ads are served as often as possible throughout the entire day. It’s been a particularly popular option for Shopping campaigns.

However, Google says, the way that accelerated delivery works can make it an inefficient option. Obviously, if you do have a capped daily budget, choosing the accelerated option can mean your ads stop serving well before the day ends. But Google also notes, ‘this method can increase CPCs due to increased competition early in the day, or unintentionally spend most of your budget in earlier time zones.'” Read More 

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