We have all that point in our job search where we attend several interviews and a just waiting for an offer. The waiting can be dreadful and tedious. 

Here are Do’s and Don’t’s to passes the time when waiting for a job offer.

Don’t be aggressive.

“Having to wait makes most of us impatient. Resist the temptation to get aggressive with the hiring manager, since this will not contribute positively to your professional image. While you can check in by phone or email one week after your interview to ask about the status of the position (unless they told you when to expect to hear from them), do not contact the hiring manager repeatedly.”

Don’t lie about job offers.

“While having multiple job offers can be a strategic way to speed up a job offer, only use this strategy if you actually have multiple offers. Do not lie to the hiring manager and allude to having another job offer if you don’t have one. A hiring manager can easily call your bluff, either by researching the company where you supposedly have a job offer or by contacting recruiters they work with. The only impression this will leave is that you are not an honest professional, and this will not help you get a job offer. On the contrary, a hiring manager will not hire someone they feel they can’t trust.”

Keep looking. 

“Sometimes people make the mistake of stopping or pausing their job search once they have interviewed for a job. They’re tired. The interview process was stressful. They’re overwhelmed. However, you must keep in mind that an interview isn’t a guarantee of a job. Even if you feel that the job you applied for is a perfect fit for you, if you haven’t been offered the position or started negotiations to accept the job, you need to continue to search and interview for other jobs. Other suitable positions may pass you by if you passively wait to be called for a second interview. Continuing to apply helps keep you busy since your mind is on other things versus just waiting, and ensures you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket”

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